Online Education in Oregon Gets Some Juice

For much of rural America online education is a gods send and right now with the cost of transportation many kids that live far from any school are causing huge challenges for budget strapped school districts.

Consider if you will the cost of diesel fuel to run school buses, well in some places it's just not feasible to drive 40 miles a day extra to pick up three kids for school. Indeed, the parents can not really handle the cost either and without education those kids really do not have any sort of stellar future.

Ah ha, but wait, what about online education? What about having the kids come to school one or two days per week and work online from home the rest of the time? What about homeschooling plus online education to pick up the slack? Well, that's exactly what's happening in many rural areas of our nation.

Not long ago, I met an information technology specialist for some 29 school districts in the state of Oregon, and he is happy about the future of online education and says they can get this done and they have all the technology they need.

The State of Oregon is lucky in that they are a techno-savvy state and realize that the future of education must include all the technology of the day. Leveraging these online teaching and educational strategies is one way to lower the costs of education and help keep the budgets in check.

In a connected world online education makes the grade and now that we've crossed the digital divide in rural America, it's time to save a little money on education and provide the right education for all no matter where they live. That's the goal and Oregon is going to deliver.

Source by Lance Winslow

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