Notes On A Scandal – March 2007


According to the Daily Dish, Britney Spears had a visit from her two young boys at the Promises Residential Treatment Center recently. Promises is an up-scale treatment facility with locations in Malibu, (located on a cliff overlooking the ocean at Big Rock Beach) and West Los Angeles (nestled on lush grounds between Marina Del Ray and Santa Monica.)

The pop star checked into the center to deal with substance abuse issues. Her estranged husband Kevin Federline visited the children, Sean, 17 months, and Jayden, 6 months, to visit their mother who has been troubled of late and recently appears to push the boundaries of sanity after an impetuous weekend that culminates in her completely shaving her Long golden tresses – an act traditionally held as a classic sign of one who is more than a little mad.

Fashion Monitor Toronto reported that Britney feels that she does not need rehabilitation because she is suffering from postpartum depression. The article states that Britney, who has been in rehab for the past two weeks and change, is furious with her friends and family for making her seek counseling. Defending herself against the speculation that she has an alcohol and substance abuse problem, she claims that her recent digressions from acting in good taste (muff flashing etc.) were a result of the disorder typical of some new mothers. She felt embarrassed by her manager and family for pressuring her to enter the program.

Meanwhile, stellar husband Kevin Federline, who turns 29 this month, is busy finding ways to support his young sons without hanging on his ex-wife. In recent weeks he has been pitching a reality television concept on his life as a single father and is inviting his fans to join him for his double birthday celebrations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas by offering VIP tickets to both parties schedule for March 21st and 24th . Sounds like a deal.

Former young Mousketeer Britney is now the young disillusioned 25-year-old pop princess who married her prince only to find she was living with a toad; And, according to all reports, a real horny one at that. Unfortunately, the couple's two young sons make any thoughts of a clean break for either partner unfeasible. By all reports, it is estranged husband Kevin Federline who has the upper hand in the customs issues. It's been reported recently that even the pop star's mother is leaving on the side of Federline and against her daughter on this one. If that does not push her over the edge – she may just make it.

The amount of support from all over as Britney battles her demons is really amazing. In another era, her behavior may have landed her far from the peaceful serenity of a Promises.


Glance backwards to the late thirties and real star and Hollywood glamor girl Francis Farmer aka, The Bad Girl from West Seattle. Her career kicked off with a meteoric rise amid much adulation and comparisons to Greta Garbo. Her ethereal beauty and unique style on-screen promised her a solid future in the entertainment industry.

Always known for her independent nature, Francis had a hard time not speaking out about the unjustices she felt she incurred as a result of the Hollywood-system which determined to control every facet of her life. She often rebelled and was considered temperamental for refusing to allow the studio to dictate her private life. She became dependent on Benzhedrine (which was freely dispensed by the studio to control weight and help with long shooting schedules) and eventually, the combination of the drug with a growing addiction to alcohol landed her in trouble with the law for numerous driving infractions and charges Of assault. The New York Daily News reported on January 14, 1943, that Francis was sentenced to 6 months in jail for parole violation. Before sentencing, the judge had questioned her recent behavior, asking pointedly about her alcohol consumption and routinely driving an automobile while under the influence. When questioned about her drinking, Francis replied, "Listen, I put liquor in my milk, I put liquor in my coffee and in my orange juice." What do you want me to do, starve to death? When asked if she had driven a car while on probation she had this to say, "No I have not – but only because I could not get my hands on one!" Upon sending her to six months, Francis proceeded to slam a right to the jaw of a cop and hit a matron resulting in her being dragged off to a cell kicking and screaming.

Farmer was immediately transferred to the psychiatric ward of LA General Hospital and diagnosed with manic depressive psychosis. It would be the first of many hospital incarcerations and assorted diagnoses as well. With each, the details would become more horrifying; Insulin shock therapy, electro-convulsive shock therapy, beatingings, rapes, freezing baths – all at the hands of attendants in institutions that were the norm at the time for anyone considered not able to look after their own lives. There is some debate over whether or not Francis had a lobotomy while institutionalized. Nonetheless, five years later, when she finally had her competency and full civil rights legally restored, there was no doubt that her light had faded and her spirit had been broken. Appearing years later on This is Your Life – when asked about her alcoholism and mental illness, Francis remarked, "If a person is treated like a patient, they are apt to act like one." It appears Britney would concur.

Source by Devorah Macdonald

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