Karma Balance

I was talking to a great friend the other day on the telephone and we started looking some life issues that had caused wrinkled brows of consternation. Obviously two women as beautiful as us can not afford all those nasty wrinkles so we got into action planning to sort things out.

Almost as part of that planning and sorting I mentioned Karma balance and my friend suggested that I write about it, the only problem was I could not remember a word I said!

What do you do at a time like that? You ask your Guides for help of course. A couple of hours later I was doing a Reading at work when I found myself discussing Karma balance again. This time I made notes and here are the results.

Karma's a funny thing is not it? It's something we do not properly understand, and there are multiple theories ranging from 'everyone describes everything that happens to them' to 'it's all about past lives' and a big mess in between.

I do not pretend to fully understand the concept of Karma, but part of me feels that it is more than less than some would have it, and more present in the everyday details of our lives that we might expect, manifesting in obscure ways.

My friend was experiencing some problems in her life that she did not want to share with her near and dearest because she believes in personal responsibility and sorting out your own problems. That is, of course, highly commendable and one of the reasons that I love her but by the same token there are other people involved.

I encouraged my friend to speak to her loving mother about her problems, and I do not use the term 'loving mother' facetiously, she truly does not have a loving mother in the best sense of the word.

Sometimes she admitted not only in her wonderful mum but also in her sister, only to find that her sister had similar problems. Her mother understood completely and wanted to help her girls out, pointing out that she had faced similar issues at the same time in her own life.

My friend also told her son about her situation, and found that she'd raised a truly remarkable young man. He immediately took his mother shopping – even for shoes – and helped her to buy some much-needed items. He wanted to do this because he recognized the sacrifications his mother had made raising him and here was an opportunity to say thank you.

Whilst shopping for clothes in a well-known chain store an employee approached my friend out of the blue and offered her a friends and family 40% discount token to use.

Two other magical mutual friends had invited my friend to stay for a holiday, and one of them drve a considerable distance to pick her up and take her back.

Earth angels all of them, but why is my friend appealing those angels? Because she is acting as a positive force for good in their lives.

If we do not allow other people to do magical things, to help us when we need help and to support us when we need support then we do not allow them to build up good Karma in their lives.

Sometimes we've hurt each other in some way in past lives, and if we allow each other to do good and generous things in this life then we are helping them to undo negative Karma and build up positive Karma.

Also, when we struggle and do not ask our nearest and dearest for help we can leave them in the no-man's land of knowing something is wrong but not knowing what to do or say, and that is not good for anyone's Karma.

A few years ago I worked closely with a dear friend (yes another one, I'm very lucky) and I realized that we needed to take a break. I asked my guide for help and deal out my tarot cards and there it was – a Karmic debt paid. I'm sure that there was a Karmic debt on her side too, one that she unduly paid in full with interest; I hope I did the same.

In that situation it was important that we had worked together, but also important to recognize when we needed to move on. The strange and wonderful thing is that we seem to have moved forward in a circle and I have a feeling that in the future we will work together again only this time it will be pure joy with no debt involved.

Except that she owes me lots of chocolate for some reasons I can not remember but are definitely valid.

The amazing thing about Karmic balance is that it can lead to so much unexpected joy. Friend one described it as a bonding experience between her, her mother, her sister, and her son. She realized that being truthful bought about 2 days of really special love, and drew them all close as a family.

It also seems to me that she allowed people to love her, and in allowing them to express love she allowed them to experience the finer feelings of life – and what an amazing that gift is to their health, their heart and their smiles!

After all, it takes more muscles to smile so your face gets a better workout and you look younger. Plus, you can label all your wrinkles laugh lines and get away with it! "I am not aging; I just have a fantastic sense of humor!"

A special son repaid his mother not with money but with love. He saw the benefits of caring about someone, was allowed to feel the joy of supporting someone else, and had the honestly earned satisfaction of cherishing someone he loves. He deserved every moment of joy and every second of satisfaction.

When we feel good emotions from helping others we are more likely to do that more often. We are more likely to become a positive force in other people's lives, and if we benefit from that in health, well-being and abundance then we deserve it. It is not self serving to receive joy by spreading joy; in fact it's a beautiful way to live.

If you read David R. Hamilton's book – "How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body" you will know that allowing people to experience and express love is key to good health.

Lastly, let's throw in the knotty problem that many Spiritual workers face – to charge for our services or not to charge.

If you give your services free then you may be building up good Karma but turning your clients into takers. You could be creating Karma deficit for others.

Many people will not know what to do when you say 'no charge'. Some will try to bring something for you that you will like, but they will worry that it's all wrong. Some will bring nothing and then feel bad for weeks. Others will bring nothing and they will not care, feeling that they've got one over on you or 'quite rightly' taken from a so-called spiritual person because it's your job to give and their heads to take.

This is not good. Obviously there are some people who can not afford to pay for our services and equally obviously they should never under any circumstances be turned away.

If people do not offer something then leave them Karma to them, but if they do then suggest something rather than say no and leave them feeling awkward when they come for their appointment. Some flowers you would not normally buy, some chocolate, a cake, anything that will leave them feeling that they have behaved decently and honourably.

Beside, an interesting question you may want to consider: if you do insist on giving even though it makes people uncomfortable are you really building up good Karma for yourself or are you insisting on being saintly as someone else's expense?

Remember my friend's experience, remember the benefits to all concerned. After all, no one is going to be able to refuse her help if they need it are they? Remember that being truly kind is a more humble thing than you may think, and being truly good requires deep thought and self honesty.

Value yourself in everything you do, and when you need help and support ask for it, you'll do your loved ones Karma the world of good!

There are many aspects to Karma and this is only one of them, but despite the easiest way to ensure good Karma is to bring as much kindness as possible into the world via your every day actions and words.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Source by Deb Hawken

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