Is Your Gift Like a Dry Rye Hoagie? – Try This

Most husbands are horrible at gift giving. They rely on the wife to do all the shopping for the kids and when it comes to getting something for her, it is like she’s opening a dry rye hoagie… It is bland, tasteless and not very appealing.

You can change that this year with a little effort and thought. Even if your budget is light this year, you can still come up with something special that tells her you care. Here are some areas to focus in on this year.

Even if you are notorious for giving her practical gifts like a coffee pot or earmuffs, stay away from the usual suspects. Look for presents with a little style and flash to them. She does not want to open a vacuum or car emergency kit this year. Avoid the scarf and glove gift set. She can buy these items on her own. She can use them but these gifts are boring and have no sizzle and should be avoided whenever possible.

If you still have no idea what she wants, open her jewelry box when she is out. No, you are not there to raid her jewelry box for the pawn shop, but you looking at her current inventory for new ideas and taste in jewelry. Look to see if she is heavy on certain pieces and try to get a feel for the types of styles she likes by the baubles she has purchased for herself.

If you see pearl earrings, she has conservative tastes and classic designs. If you see Celtic rings, she has a liking for old traditional pieces that are not too gaudy, but stand out enough to spawn conversation. Take notice of what she has today and find a complimentary item to match her jewelry portfolio. It is not as hard as you might think.

If you want to make a splash on Christmas morning stay away from the boring gifts and go for a something she will remember for a long time and exceed her expectations this year!

Source by Bobbie Bailey

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