4 Top Ways To Burn Calories At Christmas

After a long hard year most people relax their diet during Christmas. They typically drink more alcohol than usual and indulge in a few festive treats such as chocolate and mince pies. The downside of this is that alcohol and festive trees add unwanted calories to your diet. Fortunately, you can combat these additional calories with exercise. In this article I will be listing 4 of the top ways to burn calories at Christmas.

1) CYCLING: – Cycling is a great way to burn calories at Christmas with 6 minutes of high intensity cycling (20 miles per hour (mph) and over) blasting through 100 calories. If you are willing to brave the outdoors then cycling is also a great way to get some fresh air but if you can still exercise indoors on a cycling machine. Just 30 minutes of intense cycling uses up 500 calories which is the equivalent of a large portion of Christmas pudding or 3 glasses of Bailey's Irish Cream.

2) ICE SKATING: – Ice skating is another excellent way to get outside and burn calories at Christmas. If you have a look around there is probably an outdoor ice rink close to your home. If you can not find one an indoor ice rink can be just as effective. 10 minutes of intense ice skating (10mph and over) will blast through 100 calories while a 1 hour session will use up a massive 600 calories. This will compensate for you eating 2 standard bars of chocolate or drinking 3 glasses of Jack Daniels and Coke.

3) JOGGING: – Jogging has numerous health benefits. It can prevent multiple health conditions (including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure), help you sleep and strengthen your bones. It is also a fantastic way to burn calories at Christmas with 13 minutes of this exercise using up 100 calories. That means an hourly morning jog can use up 462 calories, the equivalent of 2 mince pies or 2 bottles of WKD.

4) SWIMMING: – Swimming allows you to exercise in the comfort of a heated pool making it a good way to avoid the cold winter weather and burn calories at Christmas. Just 9 minutes of intense swimming blasts through 100 calories while a full hour uses up an impressive 667 calories. This will make up for you eating 12 mini sausage rolls or drinking 2 and a half pints of Stella Artois.


If you do overindulge during the festive period do not despair. Performing the exercises in this article can help you burn calories at Christmas and minimize the impact they have on your waistline.

Source by Thomas Parker

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